Sunday, February 28, 2010

History of Abolitionism in Canada

The uniqueness of being a Canadian is to be able live freely with being prejudiced or segregated in the society. Every Canadian have been blessed by the God for stand up against racial discrimination and stand for equality. There is no other nation in the world like Canada that stand up against racism and discrimination.

Couple of centuries ago, a group of patriots gathered in Toronto, Ontario to solve a common conflict. They went for the southern parts of the United States eliminate slavery from plantations. They guided those slaves through an underground railroad to the peaceful nation of Canada, where people would gather for a common cause, rather than being divided. Those abolitionists, despite the unlawful attacks by the states sheriffs and other law-enforcements, bravely managed to free more than hundred of slaves from the cruel hands of their masters. Consequently, today our society expresses gratitude to the moral accountability of humanity and shares the values of those people.

As time progressed, while slavery drew to a conclusion in the 1940s, another major conflict erupted in Germany. When Adolf Hitler became the chancellor, racism and fascism exceeded the bounds of peace. Hitler, once stated Jews as vermin and were responsible for the defeat in World War I, determined to take the ravage from them. As a result, as we all know, he placed Jews in ghettos and concentration camps, and some were beaten, and some were burned, and some were gassed. As Canadian troops liberated Jews from the death camps, they led all those who were deprived to the freedom of Canada.

Over and over again, Canada always tried to promote freedom and peace. Although many consider Canadian contributions are worthless, history contracts it. When the slavery was at its peak in US in 1840-1860, more than 30,000 American Slaves came to Canada for freedom. There are countless examples of Canadian contributions to promote unity and peace in world. That's just one thing that only Canada - no other country in the world - can be proud about.

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