Thursday, February 11, 2010

History of Model T Automobile in Canada

This is a type of Model T car. This picture was taken in Brandon Manitoba at an automobile show. At the time, Model T was used by top-class Canadians only. Almost Every body in higher classes had an automobile. Working class Canadians and recent immigrants had to rely on conventional means of transportations, ideally cycling and horse back riding. Model T was around $ 400 in 1925. The inventor of Model T, Henry Ford, was a popular name across Canada during this decade because of his great invention. Roads, speed limit signs and other signals were begun to build rapidly across Canada as result of the advancement of automobile. Model T was widely credited as the first affordable automobile. It was said to “put America and Canadians” on wheels. Since now families have automobiles, they visited their relatives on weekdays. What used to take hours and hours of traveling now only took minutes.

With the invention of the automobile came the assembly line. The assembly line, also a great invention by Henry Ford, accelerated the process of making cars. Before the line, rate of production was much lower, however; it took only few minutes to make a new car. Thus, in the late 1900s, over 472,000 cars were made. With higher production and lower costs, even much more people managed to buy a new car. Model T was a sign of prosperity in Canada in late 1990s. The assembly line also created numerous number of employment opportunities. In the roaring twenties, Canadians had access to wide variety of job opportunities – just in the auto sector only.

At the beginning of the great depression, people couldn’t afford to but cars anymore. Newly produced cars were pilled up in storages. That’s was basically the end of the era of Model T, but not Ford. Henry Ford's Ford Motor Company is still regarded as one of the greatest cooperate automobile manufactures of all time.



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