Saturday, February 6, 2010

Memories of 1919 Winnipeg General Strike

This picture was taken during the Winnipeg General Strike. On May 15 in 1919, around 15 000 additional people, most of them were labors, came to Winnipeg to give their support. Shops closed and most of labors strike against the government and employers, demanding better working conditions and better wages. At the end of the strike, one person killed and around 30 were killed. On June 21 1919 known as Bloody Saturday as a result of these violent activities .How ever, many labor leaders who participated in the strike were arrested and many other people found that they were fired form their jobs. Some people were fighting against police officers. Although, some people went to see the protest they never played a key role because they were influenced not to do so. Their mangers at the work place did not allow to them to open their mouth. The values of democracy were put in the backseat during the strike. Some were beaten and some were killed during this protest. Employees were against the government. Employees demanded better working condition and wages. They demanded to increase their wages (eighty five cents an hour).

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