Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Standardized Testing System During WWI

Standardized tests have been used extensively in the past century to evaluate students’ progress in their academic career. For example, standardized testing system in the United States began during the First World War, when they required a system to test soldiers’ aptitude and knowledge. Invented by Robert Yerkes, a psychologist at the American Psychological Association and the chairmen of the Committee on the Psychological Examination of Recruits, SATs were used to evaluate over 6 million us soldiers. The exam concluded soldiers who had northern European family roots scored better than the once who emigrated from Eastern Europe.

Furthermore, soldiers with higher scores perform better in the invasion of France. Many of them, Canadians included, managed to communicate in a way that is efficient and easier. Canadain soldiers, needless to say, were very fluent in French. Upon arriving in France, they talked to french soldiers in a way thay Germans couldn't understand.

During WWI, soldiers who perform better in those standardized test were more effective in carrying out militery strategies than others. Analogy: a person who graduated from university is more smarter than who has graduated from high school.

United States marine, who came to battlefield in the last 100 days were well trained by ground officials. In other words, they had access to what Canadian soldires did not - they had more time for preparations. Those preparations include standardized testing. People who failed the initial testing were subjected to second round, and the next round if they did not perform any better. An army of testing officials were also recurred during WWI in both Canada and United States. Thus, when American army join Canadian and other allies on D-Day, they brought state-of-the art machine guns and tanks - which was a turning point of WWI.

Standardized testing system invented during WWI proved that, if it was well used, more productive results can be achieved, namely the victory for allies in World War I. Nowadays, these testing systems are very common all over the world - especially in Canada, America and Europe. In America alone, over 10 million students write SAT every year.

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