Tuesday, March 23, 2010

After 200 Years, US Finally has Healthcare

Before I start to talk about anything, let me take this opportunity to congratulate Pres. Obama and Vice President Joe “Joseph Robinette aka the senior a** kicker” Biden for finally passing health care. After 200 something years, you guys finally manage to pull this one off. So congratulations. Bill Clinton failed to do it, Franklin Roosevelt failed to do it, and most importantly, George Bush, the rattlesnake, FAILED to do it!!!! However, Obama managed to do something that everyone failed. Now that’s the kind of change Americans expected from Obama. Therefore, the Obama Administration should be very proud of themselves.

Now, since the enactment of the new health care bill, also known as Obama Care, a lot people comparing it to Canadian health care bill. Many American born in the deep south swaps of everglades, and in red states, say Canada has socialized health care. Let me talk about a persona story: when I broke my leg, I had to spend a week in the hospital. And the total cost is…. $14 (Yeh!!! That’s in Canadian Dollars, which is about the same in US Dollars) The only reason I had to pay $14 is because I watched Football! So is that the definition of socialized health care?

Now that Obama has passed health care, the world can sleep little bit better. The taxes will increase a little bit to covert the a** of the health care bill. US deflect will little bit increase. All these are taking place because of the previous administration. Oh yeh!! because they were responsible for job growth, in US and in Iraq.

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