Saturday, March 27, 2010

Canadian Wrestlers at Wrestlemania 26

With Wrestlemania only 3 hours away, I though this is the best time to take a look at Canadian wrestlers who will shine at WM 26. With out a shadow of a doubt, the best wrestlers in the world are Canadians. Consider Stewart “Stu” Hart for instance. He revolutionized the wrestling industry. Because of him, today we enjoy wrestling. Here a list of popular Canadian Wrestles:

Chris Jericho aka “the best in the world at what he does”: Jericho, trained by Stu Hart, is currently the World Heavyweight Champion. It was widely believed Chris Jericho’s *** was His Wrestlemania opponent is another Canadain wreslter –“Rated R Superstar” Edge.

Edge – Having the won the Royal Rumble for the first time in 2010, Edge might be able to cached in his opportunity at Wrestlemania 26 – with a spear!! Edge, arguably, is one of the most recognizable wrestlers in the world today.

Bret Hart – the legendary, 500 time WWE World Heavyweight Campion, promised that Wrestlemania 26 the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be! Can’t wait to see how that’s going to work out. He was inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame in 2006. This year, he is the inducted his father Stu Hart to the WWE Hall of Fame. Bret is famous for his failure to job his title at the Survivor Series 1997. From then on, it was widely believed that Vince screwed Bret, but according to Vince McMahon himself, he used to say Bret screwed Bret.

Christian - Jason Reso, the man commonly recognized as “Captain Charisma” is a 4 time World Heavyweight Champion. He will be competing in the Money in the Bank ladder match for an opportunity to contend for either WWE Championship or the World Heavyweight Championship.

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