Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Hoover Wagons and the Bennett Buggies

During the Dirty Thirties – another name for 1930s – nobody could afford to spend money on gasoline. As time progressed, provinces adopt various types of gas tax policies, since it was a major source of income to the provincial governments. When these provinces went into deficit, they increased these taxes, making gas even harder to buy. Thus, people could drive their Model Ts they brought in the previous decade. (Read about Model T and the Roaring Twenties) Instated of driving, what people did was that they used horses to pull the cars! The engine was removed to make the car lighter. Smart??

These cars were common in North America during the 1930s. In Canada, they were known as Bennett Buggies – to symbolize the failed policies of Richard Bennett. Bennett was the Prime Mister of Canada from 1930 – 1935. In the United States, the same cars were known as Hoover Wagons. The idea was the same: people use it to condemn then President of US, Herbert Hoover.

Surprisingly, Hoover Wagons are still being used by some in the United States. Most notable person using Hoover Wagon is Ralph Nader, who was also ran for president in 2000, 2004 and in 2008. One of the major campaign promises of Ralph Nader was that if he becomes the president of US in 2009 (after winning in ’08 of course), he would give people every family a Hoover Wagon as this reduce global warming. Since he lost in 2008, he polices were never enacted. But it was clearly evident, that if they were enacted, GM, Ford and Chrysler never needed a federal bailout – because they could have made inexpensive Hoover Wagon for families making $250000 or less. It would've also saved 700 billion dollars Obama spend on the stimulus bill!


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