Monday, March 15, 2010

Inventions of the 1920s in Canada

During the Roaring Twenties, Canadian cities were rapidly growing. With the recently invented radio, people had access to news happening in North America. Sometimes people enjoyed sports news, especially hockey. People gathered around radios when they hear the voice of Foster Hewitt, who was the most famous sportscaster then, in 1920s and 1930s. People could listen to news, music, entertainment shows and weather forecast. Suddenly, the North American continent became a small village. Somebody in Edmonton knew what was happening PEI or New York. For some middle class families, like the Ivanov family that I’ve been writing about for the past week, radio was an expensive device. On average, a middle class woman earned per hour. During the twenties, however, job market was more diverse. With the end of WWI, Canada families reunited with their recently came loves ones. People who couldn’t afford to buy a radio, newspapers were the only available media source for them. Furthermore, radios were common cafes and stores. It’s was common see small groups of people gather around a radio to listen news and entertainment events.

Another great invention at the period was the automobile. Needless to say, the Ivanov family couldn’t even dream of buying one. Since the invention of the automobile, many more job opportunities were available for middle class families. Many men resigned from their conventional jobs, and began working as road building laborers. Indeed, roads and traffic signs were rapidly built. Filet’s working supervisor had a model T car and he used to come to work by that. As he recalled, the supervisor would say “That is the best,” Everywhere in a given town, roads were built and automobiles had changed the daily life of people. Model T – invented by Henry Ford – was the most common automobile. With a Model T, two hour journey can be accomplished by just fifteen minutes. As a result, families could invite relatives far away for a dinner, for instance, and have a good time.

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