Saturday, April 17, 2010

Canada-Russia Summit Series + October Crisis

Canada-Russia Summit Series in 1972 was a remarkable hockey series for both Canadians and the Russians. Everybody in Canada overzealously watched the series. However the climax of the series was at the final game, where it was a tie. At the end of the final game, Canada won the series by winning the last game. Canadians proved that they were champions in hockey. The trophy also managed to bring the country together. Ironically, nobody noticed the treat of cold war during this time period. Even though, Canadians were playing against their worst foe, nobody seemed to be paying much attention to current events or national security. NHL and many other major hockey leagues were a result of this series in 1972.

October Crisis was a major event during this time period in Canada. It all started with the kidnapping of James. R. Cross, British trade commissioner, in Montréal in 1970. News spread quickly across Canada. Everybody gathered around television to watch the shocking news happened in Quebec. FLQ was the terrorist that was responsible perpetrating that libel. They had been involving with number of crimes for a long time. They used weapons to achieve independence for Quebec throughout the 1960s. The criminal environment in Quebec shattered many people. Few days later the kidnapping of James Cross, another dreadful incident happened. Labour Minister Pierre Laporte was kidnapped by the same group of terrorist on October 10, 1970. Some gathered to discuss how they would face if such incident occurred in the town. They also discussed many ways to prevent any of there crimes from happening in their own cities. Just a week later, Prime Minister, Trudeau, enacted the War Measures Act, which gives the right for police to confine anyone related or had connection with the FLQ. Afterwards, almost 200 were in custody according to the Globe and Mail. At the end of the year, nevertheless, James Cross was rescued, but Pierre Laporte was not. He was dead and found in a car nearby an armed forces base in Montreal. Crimes scenes in Quebec ended but people in small cities were very fearful due to any chances of emerging terrorist groups in those cities!

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