Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Great Depression of the 1930s in Pictures

Jobless Men Keep Going:
As the picture states, unemployed men who desperately need jobs to support their families and themselves. This scenario was very common in the depression, where men would go from factory to factory, and farm-to-farm finding jobs. Many traveled to West, into farm fields hoping for jobs. In this picture, these unfortunate men were confronted with this bid banner in front of a train yard. Trains were used by people to commute between states and provinces, as it was the only means of FREE transportation during the 1930s!

A breadline in Toronto ON Canada:
People were in line to get a loaf of bread. Events like these were very common during the 1930s because people had to rely on government services because they could not support themselves. Many people bought bread by using their relief cheques. Money was not a commodity during the depression and nobody used it to buy any material. They had to wait hours to get a loaf of bread, and finally, when they got it, it was almost stale. However, people did eat them; otherwise what was the result of waiting on a queue for hours?

Soup kitchen in Saskatoon:
people are in the line for waiting a bowl of soup. Soup kitchens were another common aspect across the continent. People have to wait for hours for a bowl of soup. Hunger was the major concern of people as oppose to health because there were only handful of places where people found something eat. When they reached, a rare place such as the one above, they used to wait until they have their turn. Many people became sick after the consumption of soup from places like this.

Roofless house is better than nothing:
Those who lived in inner cities would walk back and forth seeking jobs. When they are tired, this is the kind of place they would to rest. This picture depicts a tired unemployed man, or a vagrant. Let’s say there were two men, and only one couch, like the one above. Then, they would have to fight each other to determine who gets the seat! The only way to win is by pinfall or submission.


  1. this depression was nothing compared to the one they are building right now

    in 2011


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