Sunday, April 4, 2010

Home-Front During WWII

Honestly speaking, Canadian and US governments slept at the wake of World War Two aka WWII. At the beginning of the war marked the end of great depression. Canadian economy increased, and more jobs created to export war materials. However, rationing was another significant episode during that period. The government limited the quantity of food for a family for a determined time. For example, wedding cakes could make, but without icing. Furthermore, a family was limited to 545 litters of gasoline a year for its car. Although, many did not have a car, rations caused another battle at home front. People who went through the great depression didn’t have sufficient goods to consume. They preserve food as best as they could because as days gone by, the depression became worst. However, as Canada became wealthier in the 1940s, people didn’t have the opportunity to enjoy it due to the rationing policy. Many people alleged the government for this. In response, some people said “we had lived 10 years without cloths, now after all of that, they impose restrictions!” Other major aspect was the conscription. By definition, it emphasizes its awfulness. At the beginning of the war, Mackenzie King, Canadian Prime Minister said he would not force anybody to fight overseas. Many people participated due to their patriotism. However, as Nazis progressed, King realized the necessity of conscription. Many people, such as French Canadians were not happy about this decision. Those who went overseas as a result of the forced enactment of this law, needed no longer because the war was over! They returned home right after, and as result, country didn’t divide, as happened in the WWI.

As men left for the war, women played an active role in the society. Every war equipment was made by women. Other women served as guiding back planes and ship from battle missions. When the war ended, almost one hundred thousand women served at home. If they could not do that, the allied forces wouldn’t be able to defeat Germany, because almost every war material was produced by women. As a result of their hard labor, women gained a great reputation.

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