Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Korean War, Canadian and US Contributions

Korean War in 1950 was the major incident following the WWII. Canada contributed almost 27 000 soldiers for Korean War. The reason to spark the war was the invasion of North Korea, communists after WWII. They invaded South Korea, which occupied by the Americans after WWII, with their massive armed forces. United Nations sent military members to settle the conflict and Canada was one of the nations among them. In Brandon, where the Ivanov family grew up, only few people participated for the war. The main reason was the memories of the WWII. However, many people realized it was important to minimize the influence of the Russian communism. The son of Filet served in Princess Patricia’s Light Infantry. He wrote a letter saying that they scored a victory at Kapyong. He also said many Canadians served their lives for the victory. However, despite all those disasters, many Canadians returned home in 1953. The Korean conflict didn’t completely resolve. In fact, we still see flashes of these times even now; consequently, Russian influence was not diminished.

List of total casualties and losses (source: a lot, see below)

South Korea
137,899 Killed in Action
450,742 Wounded in Action
32,838 Missing in Action or POW

United States
36,516 dead (including 2,830 non-combat deaths)
92,134 wounded
8,176 Missing in Action
7,245 POW

United Kingdom
1,109 dead[9]
2,674 wounded
1,060 Missing in Action or POW

721 dead
2,111 wounded
168 Missing in Action
216 POW

516 dead
1,042 wounded

339 dead
1,200 wounded

300 Killed in Action or Missing in Action

194 Killed in Action
459 wounded

123 Killed in Action

112 Killed in Action

106 Killed in Action

New Zealand
33 Killed in Action

South Africa
28 Killed in Action and 8 Missing in Action

2 Killed in Action

Total: 778,053

North Korea:
215,000 dead
303,000 wounded
120,000 Missing in Action or POW

(Official data):
114,000 killed in combat
34,000 non-combat deaths
380,000 wounded
21,400 POW
(U.S. estimate):
400,000+ dead
486,000 wounded
21,000 POW

Soviet Union:
282 dead

Total: 1,187,682-1,545,822


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