Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Post WWII Celebrations Cut Short by The Cold War

WWII claimed over 45 000 lives of Canadians and 416,800 of US (There were more US casualties simply because US’ population was 10 times larger than Canada’s. US population was over 100 million in 1945!). For Canada, casualties were less than WWI but many people were shattered by seeing the tragedies across the country. Some were luck enough to be alive and returned home safely. As a result, they again got the opportunity to spent time with their family. They also went across the town and met many people who they missed for 5 long years. For some families, sadness still arose through in the peacetime because some of their love once never came home. Nevertheless, everybody in Canada and US enjoyed the peaceful time period without any difficulties, like in 1930s.

But! There was a similar conflict lurking around corner: The Cold War, also known as the COOL war :-). Just after WWII ended, the cold war sparked between the United States and Russia. As a result of their enormous wealth after the Second World War, they both began to restore as many weapons as possible. For some countries, such as Canada, this was a horrible situation. Canada was exposed to both the American and Russian nuclear attacks. They both had deadly weapons, such as atomic and hydrogen bombs. Although, Canada did not play a major role in cold war in the late 1940s, people were under extreme tension, where nobody knew when they would face a nuclear attack. Some said they would go to basement, but having fought in WWII, they realized those solutions would not work in a massive nuclear attack. Therefore, people who realized the real threat from Russia distressed about the fact that Canada was in between world’s two superpowers. However, as a solution to all there conflicts, North Atlantic Treaty Organization was formed on April 4 1949. The purpose of this organization was to prevent any communism spread in Europe and protect fellow countries in any attack. This solution bought relief into certain extend but it still did not managed to give a permanent solution for the problem.

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