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How effectively did the Canadian government, individual Canadians, and new political parties respond to the challenges of the Great Depression - Part 3

Continuing from part two

Both Liberals and Conservatives convinced by these policies and they quickly adapted CCF’s ideas into their political agenda. As the federal government failing to cope with economic problems, and just by adapting CCF’s ideas, demonstrate how Co-operative Commonwealth Federation and its leader James Woodsworsth managed to introduce important policies to improve the lives of Canadian citizens. Furthermore, even in today’s society, those ideas, have a high degree of effectiveness for laborers, farmers and other individuals. For instance, new immigrants benefit on these privileges, until they establish them selves in Canadian society. In the provincial elections of nineteen thirty- four, CCF managed to win some rides in British Columbia and Saskatchewan. This explains the fact that CCF did a great service and people had a faith with that party better than the federal government. In addition to Co-operative Commonwealth Federation, Social Credit was another party which too contributed much to the society. The leader of the party, William Aberhart, came to power in nineteen thirty – five. He believed that if he managed to give money to people, they would consume material and that method would help to solve economic conflict. He managed to give twenty five dollars for an adult per month. Farmers were so happy about this grant. They used that money to feed cattle and to fertilize farmlands. In contrast, as Bennett failed to organize provincial governments, and due to that, his twenty millions did not go to average people’s hands. Nonetheless, Aberhart realized the advantage of being a well organized provincial leader, and as a result, he managed to distribute money among people in Alberta. Since the formation of new political parties, they managed to change the direction of Canadian economy, even during “Great Depression”. They provided social welfare, insurances and distributed money across provinces, where the Conservatives and Liberals never dreamed of.

Finally, the Depression really fell on average Canadians, such as laborers and farmers. When the stock market crashed in nineteen twenty-nine, people lost millions and millions. Some lost their properties when they failed to pay their debts. General Canadians attempted to capture the attention of the federal government, and some people had hard time with finding jobs. When Bennett came to the office in nineteen thirty, people were happy because they thought Bennett would do what he had promised. As time went by, people realized that they should get the vote back from Conservatives. Some people wrote letters to the Prime Minister Bennett. For instance, Edwina Abbott had requested money to buy a coat. She had to walk one mile to reach her school, and in winter, it was terrible due to not having sufficient amount of money to buy worm clothes.

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