Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Maple Leaf Flag and Canadian National Identity

There are many different symbols to represent Canadian identity. Prior to 1965, Canadians did not have an official to flag that symbolizes Canadian culture. Although, Canada did have a flag with the Union Jack that deprived Canadian uniqueness. When Prime Minister Pearson came to office in 1963, he saw Canadian identity was shattered and neglected. He decided to have an official Canadian flag even though he risked losing the majority government. Finally, as a consequence of his courageous debates, maple leaf became the newest official flag representing Canadian Identity, with out discriminating any ethnic background, and it re-uniting Canadians.

First, the maple leaf was a unique symbol born to represent Canadian Identity even before Pearson was elected to the office. In WWI, WWII, and Boer war solders used to ware maple leaf on their uniforms, helmets, and badges. Even though, in WWI, Canadian soldiers had to ware the same uniform as Britain, they realized the importance of Canadian identity. Therefore, many patriots considered the maple leaf as a true Canadian symbol. Furthermore, maple leaf was used as an important decoration in Canada in the late 1800s and early 1900s. For example, when the Price of Wales came to Canada in 1860, maple leaf was the one that entertain everybody’s eyes. Moreover, between 1876 and 1901, the maple leaf was featured on all Canadian coins. Many people believed that maple leaf was an exceptional Canadian representation only stands for Canada. Therefore, having a strong uniqueness and idealism for over a century, the great debate over Canadian flag ended with a one apparent decision – the maple leaf.

Secondly, the maple leaf values the multiculturalism, without discriminating people from different ethnic backgrounds. The Union Jack was one of the main sources that helped emerged a crisis in Quebec. Quebecker dislike the Union Jack, which they consider it would discriminate their values. Many of them said it represent the invasion of Quebec by Britain. Though, on the other hand, the maple leaf does not neglect or exaggerate anybody in Canada. It emphasizes equate more than any other aspect. As a result, Canadian should be proud to have a symbol that would stands for everybody.

Finally, the maple leaf manages to re-unit Canada after it has been the official flag. Since it stands for everybody and its uniqueness, maple leaf builds a strong society in Canada. It also symbolizes the peace and propriety of Canadians. Everybody gets under a one flag when the country experiences conflicts as well propriety. Prime Minister, Mackenzie King in 1930s and 1940, made an effort to establish a Canadian flag, but he failed; however, in the depression and WWII, Canadians stood as a one united country. As a result, Canadians overcame every obstacle they faced. The unity of Canadians made a significance difference thought-out our history. Maple leaf is the symbol of the unity.s

In conclusion, maple leaf is just one of many leaves in Canada. Yet, it has a unique Canadian identity. It has been a unique symbol for more than a century. It stands for every Canadian. It does not ignore anybody and it unit all Canadians to under a one flag.

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