Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ontation Dependency on Foodbanks

Political leaders play a major role in this issue. Some political leaders criticize other leaders. For example, NDP leader, Hampton blames McGuinty because according Hampton, he emphasize that McGuinty fails to recognize poor children. Ironically, Adam Spence, the executive director of the food bank association, thanks McGuinty for increasing social assistance rate by 3 pre sent. Food bank conductors also give much more clear information on this issue. For instance, Ms. Bennison states how people come form a long way to food banks to get their daily requirements. In addition, Sandy Singers, chairman of the association, states that there around 340 000 Ontarians get aids form food banks. The writers of this article, Howlett and Rusk, uses Alim Nemtsov, a Ukrainian, to prove their point of view on this issue, further more. Food bank managers states that people such as, Nemtsov, highly depend on food banks because they receive minimum wage and living below poverty line. The numbers of food banks in Ontario are keep increasing (it increased by 4.8 per cent in 2004). Event though, there are many food banks in other provinces, such as Alberta and Quebec, the number of people use those food banks in those provinces are not as bad as Ontarians.

One point of view is that people who conduct food banks emphasize that Ontario has large number of food banks and huge number of people, who receive minimum wage, depend on it. On the other hand, the writer of this article explains there scenarios in an optimistic manner by using a positive writing technique. Even though, the writer indirectly states that “poor people in Ontario do not have to be anxious about hunger because there are enough number of food banks”, the facts that are given by food bank managers managed to make the writers guilty about their writing style. Another two different points of views are between NDP leader and Adam Spence. While NDP leader criticize McGuinty due to failing to recognize poor children, Spence’s gratitude on McGuinty make this issue more interesting. Adam Spence also criticized former premier Harris due to his deduction of benefits on social services.

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